We are a multinational company which offers the widest range of specialised services and products in the leisure industry and is considered as one of the leading companies in the sector.

We have a wide range of products and services for the leisure industry, notably: Water Parks, Theme Parks, PLAY structures and much more.

We are specialised in design, planning, development and construction of all types of leisure complexes, on a worldwide scale; with the capability to develop any kind of leisure project, independent of its size, complexity or nature; more notably: Water Parks, Theme Parks, Activity pools…

Our extensive infrastructure and human resources allow us to focus our efforts in providing a global treatment to the projects that we undertake, adapting ourselves completely to the necessities and requirements of any investor. One of our principal objectives is to optimize profitability of our clients’ leisure investments, respecting the following equation as a guarantee for success: Absolute fun for the users and maximum profitability for the operators.


From concept to construction…

We are specialised in the design, engineering, supply and construction of waterparks, theme parks, swimming pools, theming and decoration, special hotel resorts, tourist projects…

We have recently incorporated a sophisticated 3D modelling manufacturing system that allows us to create amazing leisure installations and features in short time periods. With this highly cost-effective system, we can produce quality, customised products such as children’s leisure pools, water features, games, slides and interactive spray toys.

This innovative system also provides endless theming and decorative possibilities for use in water parks, theme parks, swimming pools, hotels, zoos and other types of leisure installations.

Our 3D system’s versatility gives us greater expressive autonomy, allowing us to reproduce highly complex and imaginative designs easily and much quicker than with other more traditional constructive techniques.

from concept


If you can imagine it, we can create it!

All waterplay structure that are custom designed are already major attractions. When adding theming, you will be left speechless! Designers in the company, they take their ideas from the huge collection of styles, techniques and concepts and can develop a layout of any size, scope and theme.

We offer innovative, theme park quality custom theming for all our structures. By adding theming, we can take the standard components and transform them into anything you can imagine, be it a desert island or an underwater fantasy. We will work with you to meet your particular theming needs while keeping in mind your specific budget.

The theming options are limited only by your willingness to imagine.

A succesful waterpark does not necessarily mean more waterslides or structures. We are aware of this fact because we care for our clients’ success. Each and every unit of the park matters, therefore we believe that with theming a lot can be achieved. The project should be planned to ensure to create a unique environment in which your guests will be happy to be in. This is why our professional design team works in accordance with your needs from the idea phase, master planning upon completion.