Pebble flex

Grip on safety around swimming pools and playgrounds

Pebble-flex is an innovative porous sort, safety surface Floor, formed of granulate made of soft thermoplastic urethane polymer, with a cross-cut of 2-3mm. They are formed into a super strong fall-restraining surface. Pebble-flex is not only strong and durable, but also UV-light stable and chlorine resistant. This makes pebble-flex the ideal skid resistant surface in and around swimming pools, as a safety underground for playing equipment, balconies, patio’s and walkways.

Piece of cake

Pebble-flex can be applied on every flat and stable subsoil, for example on tiles, concrete, asphalt, recycled EDPM, foam mats etc. The granulates are mixed in a special mixer, blended with a binder and thereafter applied on de subsoil. This provides tightest, most smooth surface that you can imagine. A water permeable surface which maintains its skid resistant characteristics.

Advanced Safety Surfacing for Endless Play

An unparalleled playground surface that provides enhanced safety, durability, longevity and easy maintenance to create play areas where the fun never has to stop.

A Breakthrough in Water Play Surfaces

Offering all the amazing benefits of PebbleFlex, AquaFlex is not only safe, durable and nonskid, it is also chlorine resistant.